Our Pledge to You

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty at JIVIANNI™

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty at JIVIANNI™

Our Assurance of Quality and Craftsmanship
At JIVIANNI™, we're not just about creating stunning jewelry; we're about crafting pieces that last a lifetime. We stand firmly behind the craftsmanship and quality of our jewelry, offering a free lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for all JIVIANNI™ pieces bought directly from us.

Our Moissanite & Gemstones - A Commitment to Excellence
Every JIVIANNI™ creation, be it moissanite or gemstone jewelry, is produced to the highest standards using the finest materials. Before they reach you, each piece goes through a thorough inspection in our workshop and distribution facility, ensuring that what you get is nothing but perfection.

Lifetime Warranty - Our Promise to You
Your trust in our brand is paramount. That's why our Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty covers every customer, regardless of the item's price. Effective from the purchase date for JIVIANNI™ website purchases, it's our commitment to you for the long haul. If you suspect a manufacturing defect, just send it back to us for a thorough inspection. If we find it's a manufacturing issue, rest assured, we'll either repair it or, if needed, replace the piece. In cases where the original design isn't available, we'll either find a similar match or refund the price.

Understanding Our Warranty Exclusions

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Jewelry is meant to be loved, but sometimes love shows. We can't cover losses from daily wear, accidental damage, or if a gem decides to part ways with its setting.
  • Care is Key: Remember, jewelry doesn't love harsh chemicals or pools. Discoloration from not-so-careful handling (think chlorine dips or perfume spritzes) isn't covered.
  • Metal's Life Cycle: Like all of us, metals age too. Over time, precious metals, especially the prongs, might wear down. It's natural, not a defect.
  • Replacing the Sparkle: Lost a stone? It happens. We're here for replacements, just at the cost of the stone and a small setting fee.
  • Third-Party Alterations: Got adjustments elsewhere? That's cool, but it does mean our warranty won't be able to cover the piece anymore.

Remember, our warranty is all about keeping your JIVIANNI™ pieces shining bright, as they were meant to be! 🌟

Claiming Your Warranty
Encounter an issue? We're here to help. Drop us an email at contact@jivianni.com, and we'll guide you on sending the piece back for inspection. If the damage falls under our warranty, we'll fix or replace it at no charge and send it back to you. If it's something outside the warranty, we'll give you a fair quote before any work is done.

Take Extra Care - It's Worth It
We always recommend insuring your jewelry. Our moissanite and gemstones are strong, but not invincible. Normal wear, particularly on rings, can sometimes lead to damage. Insuring ensures you're covered, no matter what life throws at your beloved piece.